about us

With our corporate mission of “Creating Valuable Surfaces” , we aim to become a company that contributes to our society.

Since our company, Sanwa Kenma Ltd., was founded in 1949, we have made it our corporate idea to” supply quality products and services required in the field of polishing” , and have aimed to contribute to our customers throughout the world. With our corporate mission, we aim to become a company to contribute to our society.
Company name Sanwa Kenma, Ltd.
Established October 1, 1949
Capital JPY 75 million
Main products ・Diamond tools and abrasives
・Synthetic resin abrasives
・Super finishing stone
・Buffing product
・Evaporation and functional materials
Association parties ・Japan grinding wheel association
・Industrial diamond association of Japan
・Kyoto industrial association
Associated companies ・Alpha Professional Tools (USA)
・RIEL SANWA S.R.L (Europe)
・Ramac Tools & Instruments, Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Fiscal term December

Sales network

Alpha Professional Tools
16 Park Dr Ste 9 Franklin, NJ 07416
21046 Malnate (VA) Via Gasparotto 11 Italy
Ramac Tools & Instruments, Pvt. Ltd.
#49, Madhukar and Kiran building, Cubban road,
Shivajinagar,Bangalore 560001 India


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