Diamond/CBN wheel

Features of super abrasive wheels

Diamond and CBN abrasives are known as “super-abrasives” in the world of machining.
They are several times harder than conventional abrasives, such as Sic and WA on Knoop hardness scales.
Since the very sharp-edged grit extends the tool life and boosts the performance of wheels, they are used for high precious wheels with high grindingratio.
The another advatage is the superior heat conductivity;13-20 times higher than that of Sic and WA, which enables them to absorb grinding heat and thereby prevent heat-induced deterioration of workpiece surfaces.

Work materials

Diamond wheels ; Non-ferrous materials like hard alloy, ceramics, silicone, glass, concrete, polycrystalline sintered compact etc.

CBN wheels ; ferrous materials like carbon tool steel, high-speed steel, alloy tool steel, chrome steel,nickel chrome steel etc.


①Type of abrasive grain
②Grit size
⑤Type of bond
⑥The thickness of abrasives

Dimensionning of the wheel

①D:outer diameter(mm)
②T:Body thickness(mm)
③U:Abrasive width(mm)
④X:Abrasive thickness(mm)
⑤H:Inner diameter(mm)

Standard shapes of Diamond wheels


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