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Polishing whetstone and powder for laquer work

On the laquer painting process, polishing process is needed.


Product Name Grit For which Process
①SANWA SHITAJI (POLISHING STONE) #400 Ground coating (the first)
②SANWA SURUGA (POLISHING STONE) #600 Ground coating (the second)
Before Middle coating
#800 Middle coating (the first)
#1000 Middle coating (the second)
Before Roiro finishing
#1500 Roiro finishing (the first)
#2000 Roiro finishing (the second)
③SANWA ROIRO (POLISHING STONE) #3000 Roiro finishing (the third, fine finish)
#4000 Roiro finishing (the fourth, very fine finish)
1. With high polishing ability, very efficient.
2. Horizontal polishing ability is equal to charcoal
3. No loading
4. Do not make a deep scratch

Polishing powder

Product Name Color Grit which Process
④SANWA DOUZURI POWDER White Medium Before Final polishing
Green Fine
⑤SANWA ROIRO POWDER Brown Very Fine Final polishing
Cream Very Fine


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